Excerpts from a Technology Roadmap for Energy Security and Environment Sustainability

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Speaker: Dr Michael Quah Cheng-Guan

Venue: Seminar Room II, ISEAS

When Dr Quah was a Visiting Principal Fellow at ESI, he presented an interim report on a work in progress in December, last year, at ISEAS. He has since completed his report and will discuss excerpts of the Technology Roadmap, which provides signposts and guardrails for a transition from the current dependence on fossil fuels to a far future when fossil fuels are prohibitively expensive to extract and process and thus, we will face a back-to-the-future scenario to the “Age of Renewables.”

Along this long road to the far future, near-term strategies for the next 10 years and mid-term scenarios for 10 to 50 years are discussed. Energy conservation and energy efficiency programs are paramount in the near-term because fossil fuels will continue to play a major role but carbon constraints will reveal the necessity for such programs. The need for high energy density fuels calls for a future where bio-fuels are needed with the requisite balancing act of land (and water areas) for food and fuel.

Against a backdrop of the Singapore International Energy Week (just completed in 17 – 20 November), the Copenhagen Conference (7-18 December 2009), the possible depletion of world oil resources faster than expected (Straits Times, 11 November 2009) and extreme weather events (typhoons) impacting upon Southeast Asia, this seminar is most timely and will show the “middle way.” This talk provides further elaborations on Dr. Quah’s presentations at the Shell-ESI Dialogue and the Plug-In Singapore session at the recent Singapore International Energy Week.

Details and registration at the ISEAS website.

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