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This is the reply to our earlier email:

Dear Mr Tay,

Thank you for your interest in ESI’s work and for sending us this email.

One of ESI’s values, as indicated on our website ( is:

“We are objective – ESI will cut through biases and attempt to balance the wide spectrum of views.”

The website also states:

“The global energy landscape is one that is changing rapidly. The threat of a worldwide depletion of fossil fuels, the impact of climate change, and the growing importance of geopolitics on energy supplies have led to an urgent call for new energy policies and interventions.

Against this backdrop, the Energy Studies Institute (ESI) seeks to advance the understanding of local, regional and global energy issues through independent research and analyses aimed at addressing, informing and influencing public opinion and policies.”

Fred Singer’s piece in the latest ESI Bulletin was among other pieces on the Economics of Climate Change, Climate Change and Civil Aviation and China’s Climate Change Policy. The four pieces together represented various perspectives and approaches to the subject of climate change.

To be objective, we at ESI must consider all points of view. We cannot ignore the fact that there are large numbers of highly trained people in the world who believe that climate change and global warming are NOT happening.

Also note this statement on the back of each issue of the Bulletin: “The views expressed in each issue are solely those of the individual contributors.”

Hope this helps!

Elspeth Thomson

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