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The Energy Market Authority (EMA) today released the inaugural Singapore Energy Statistics (SES) report(1). The SES is an annual publication which provides an integrated one-stop compilation of Singapore’s key energy statistics (including supply, consumption, and prices) and trends in the electricity and gas sectors. This is part of EMA’s efforts to support the development of a dynamic energy sector.

Fuel Imports and Exports

In 2009, Singapore imported 146.1 million tonnes of oil equivalent (Mtoe) of energy products. Being a major oil refining and trading hub in the region, petroleum products constituted the largest share of energy imports and exports at 90.3 Mtoe (61.8%) and 82.8 Mtoe (98.6%) respectively.

Gas Consumption

For the first time, the final gas consumption figures for Singapore are also available. Final gas consumption refers to consumption by end-consumers, excluding electricity producers.

In 2009, Singapore’s final gas consumption was 785.7 kilotonnes of oil equivalent (ktoe). The industrial-related sector (such as manufacturing and construction) consumed the most gas at 628.0 ktoe (79.9%); followed by the commerce & services-related sector at 68.1 ktoe (8.7%), households at 54.0 ktoe (6.9%) and the transport-related sector at 12.3 ktoe (1.6%).

Electricity Generation & Consumption

In 2009, 3,595.4 ktoe of electricity was generated by the generation companies and auto-producers (i.e. embedded generators which generate electricity primarily for their own consumption). This was produced using natural gas (6,692.9 ktoe), petroleum products (1,253.6 ktoe) and others (564.3 ktoe).

In terms of final electricity consumption, 3,340.8 ktoe was consumed in 2009. Electricity consumption by the commerce & services-related sector was the highest at 37.9% and the lowest consumption was by the transport-related sector at 4.2%.

The fuel mix for electricity generation has changed from 2003 to 2010, with the share of natural gas increasing over time. The share of petroleum products decreased from 35% in 2003 to 15% in 2009, though it increased slightly to 19% in 2010 as a strong rebound in electricity demand resulted in an increased usage of steam plants, which use fuel oil. Conversely, the share of natural gas in the fuel mix rose from 62% in 2003 to 82% in 2009, with a small decrease to 79% in 2010.

Please refer to for a soft copy of the report. The Excel tables of this report is also available on our website.

1 The SES is available for download at the EMA website (
2 Figures in the Singapore Energy Statistics (SES) may not add up to the total due to rounding.

Source: EMA

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