National Climate Change Secretariat – Addendum to the President’s Address [Press Releases]

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Challenge of Climate Change

1. Climate change is a major challenge for all countries, including Singapore. As an island state, we must stand ready to deal with the impacts of climate change, such as rising sea levels. As a responsible member of the global community, we will also play our part to lower carbon emissions. We must work to achieve these goals while safeguarding our standard of living and our economic competitiveness.

Rising to the Challenge

2. We will enhance our understanding and expertise in climate science, and build up Singapore’s resilience and adaptability to climate change in key areas such as coastal protection, water resources and drainage, biodiversity, public health as well as urban infrastructure.

3. We will reduce our carbon emissions in two main ways. First, greater use of less carbon intensive fuels. Second, improved energy conservation and efficiency. This will require us to promote energy efficient design, equipment and processes in industries, transport, buildings and homes.

4. To support this, the government will invest in infrastructure as well as in research and development of low carbon technologies for deployment in Singapore. Businesses and households will also have to change their practices and lifestyles respectively to be more environmentally sustainable.

Seizing Opportunities

5. Singapore’s experience and expertise in addressing the challenges of climate change will generate new economic opportunities in emerging industries such as clean energy, carbon services and energy services, as well as in existing industries. We will work with the business community to seek out and capitalize on such opportunities locally and abroad.

Adopting a Whole of Nation Approach

6. We need a national effort to address climate change. The people, private and public sectors need to work closely together. The Government will continue to adopt a consultative and inclusive approach with all stakeholders.

7. Together, we will strengthen our readiness to address climate change and grow Singapore along a sustainable, low-carbon pathway for ourselves and our future generations.

Source: NCCS

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