Consortium Appointed for Micro-grid Test-bed at the Jetty Area on Pulau Ubin [Press Releases]

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The Energy Market Authority (EMA) has appointed a Singapore-based consortium comprising Daily Life Renewable Energy Pte Ltd (DLRE) and OKH Holdings Pte Ltd (OKH), to design, build, own and operate a micro-grid test-bed incorporating clean and renewable energy resources at the jetty area on Pulau Ubin.

About the Test-bed

Pulau Ubin is an island northeast of Singapore. Island residents and businesses currently rely on diesel generators for their electricity needs. These generators are expensive to operate and cause inconvenience to users when they break down. They are also noisy and pollutive.

Table 1: Key Benefits of the Test-bed

Clean energy
The micro-grid test-bed will be powered by clean energy resources, including biodiesel and solar photovoltaic cells.

Reliable electricity supply
Continuous and reliable supply of electricity to end-users.

Cost-competitive electricity
Electricity will be provided by the consortium at a price not exceeding $0.80/kWh, compared to the price of more than $1/kWh which some end-users currently pay for using diesel generators. Any future price increases beyond $0.80/kWh will require EMA’s approval.

End-users can now consider higher load electrical appliances such as refrigerators and air-conditioners. This will enable businesses to expand their operations and operating hours.

The test-bed will be implemented in two phases. The first phase of this project will establish the micro-grid infrastructure at the jetty area by first half of 2012, with electricity supply to users by the end of 2012. The second phase will involve the integration of additional innovative clean and renewable energy solutions to the micro-grid infrastructure.

Sustainable Off-Grid Solutions for Singapore and other Regions

This test-bed will enable EMA to prepare for a future when renewable energy resources become a more significant part of our energy mix. Mr Chee Hong Tat, Chief Executive, Energy Market Authority said, “The micro-grid test-bed is a useful project for Singapore to pilot a solution that will benefit residents and businesses on Pulau Ubin. It will also enable us to better understand the impact of using intermittent renewable sources on our power system. If this project is successful, it will help to open up opportunities for Singapore companies to spearhead the adoption of such technologies in the region.”

Mr. Markson Tang, Executive Director of Daily Life Renewable Energy Pte Ltd, remarked, “This test-bed will showcase how clean and renewable energy can be deployed in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable manner for an off-grid community.” Consortium partner Mr. Marvin Lam, Project Director of OKH Holdings Pte Ltd said, “We are delighted to be part of this significant project, and excited about its potential as a reference site for similar deployments regionally.”

Source: EMA

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