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By Christopher Tan, The Straits Times, 1 Nov 2011.

Drivers keen to take the green route have an affordable electric car from French maker Renault to look forward to.

It will offer a battery-powered electric sedan here from as early as next February, at a price comparable to that of some conventional models.

Renault area operations manager (Asean and Japan) Arnaud Mourgue told The Straits Times that the Fluence ZE will cost about $164,000.

This is with certificate of entitlement (COE) and a green vehicle rebate which trims the Additional Registration Fee, the main car tax, by 40 per cent.

This puts the Fluence ZE – a mid-sized car slightly smaller than the Toyota Camry – in the same price ballpark as mass- market petrol models like the Honda Accord, Volkswagen Passat and BMW’s entry-level 1-series. ‘We invested €4 billion (S$7 billion) on electric cars so we want to make them a commercial success,’ said Mr Mourgue.

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Source: The Straits Times

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