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Singapore, 26 March 2013 – The Centre for Climate Research Singapore (CCRS), which is the first research centre in the world dedicated to tropical climate and weather of Singapore and the wider Southeast Asia region, was officially opened today by Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, as Singapore celebrates World Meteorological Day 2013.

2 The Centre, which was established under the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS), aims to advance scientific understanding and prediction of the weather and climate of Singapore. It is the first in the world to use high resolution computer models to simulate weather and climate over Singapore and the wider Southeast Asia region.

3 A new logo for CCRS was also unveiled today, along with the announcement of a new Director, Dr Chris Gordon, who will lead a core team of research scientists.

4 The International Scientific Advisory Panel (ISAP), which was appointed in 2011, also convened for the first time on 20 and 21 March this year. The ISAP comprises distinguished individuals in the domains of meteorology, climate science and earth science, and is chaired by Professor Lim Hock from the National University of Singapore.

Centre for Climate Research Singapore (CCRS)

5 The concept of the Centre for Climate Research Singapore (CCRS), located at 36 Kim Chuan Road, was first mooted in 2011 as part of the Government’s plans to build capabilities in climate science. CCRS will support Singapore’s efforts in climate resilience by producing robust long-term climate projections. These underpin studies on climate impact and adaptation.

6 CCRS will also network with both overseas and local experts to ensure that latest scientific developments are incorporated, as well as cover a broader domain of climate-related disciplines. Since 2011 it has signed a multi-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the UK Met Office, appointed the ISAP, and launched the Climate Science Experts Network (CSEN), where Singapore-based scientists meet to share technical information on climate research.

7 Through the hosting of lectures by visiting experts, conducting of visits to the Central Forecast Office and CCRS, and contributions to the climate change exhibit at the Singapore Science Centre, CCRS also hopes to reach out to the next generation of climate scientists and meteorologists.

8 Said the Director-General of MSS, Ms Wong Chin Ling, “The Centre’s launch marks a major milestone in the long history of MSS. There is a common misconception that climate change and environmental issues are a problem for the distant future. The reality is that preparedness must begin in the present. Our vision for CCRS is not only to support Singapore’s resilience strategy, but also to be a world leading centre in tropical climate and weather research with particular focus on the Southeast Asia region.”

New Director for CCRS

9 Dr Chris Gordon will be heading the CCRS, and will officially come on board in April 2013. He will spearhead the establishment and capability-building of the Centre, and guide climate and weather research. Previously with the UK Met Office, where he headed the world-renowned Met Office Hadley Centre, Chris brings along more than 30 years of experience in climate science research.

10 Dr Gordon will head a team of about 25 staff at CCRS, and will help grow the number of research scientists over the next few years.

11 “I am committed to building up the expertise of the CCRS and widening its international partnerships, as well as building a strong team of local and international scientists and inspiring more young people in Singapore to take up climate science research,” says Dr Chris Gordon, Director-designate of CCRS. “The scientific understanding of the dynamical and physical processes governing tropical climate and weather systems will naturally be the primary focus of CCRS. Improving our ability to predict extreme weather such as heavy rain, and project long-term climate change, is one of the key challenges for the Centre.”

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