S$10m research grants for electricity grid projects [News]

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By TODAY, 3 Jul 2013.

About S$10 million in research grants have been awarded to six teams working on Smart Grid technologies, said the Energy Market Authority (EMA) yesterday.

The six projects focus on ensuring the reliability and resilience of the electricity grid, and span areas such as energy analytics, storage, condition monitoring and control systems.

Researchers at Singapore Polytechnic, for example, are looking to develop micro-grids, which allow for the transmission and usage of electricity from renewable generation sources without the need for any conversion. Currently, renewable energy installations, such as solar photovoltaic panels, generate electricity in the form of direct current power.

This is then converted into alternating current power for electricity distribution within the facility, before being re-converted again into direct current power compatible with daily household and office appliances. This conversion circle not only results in double-conversion losses which may reach as high as 50 per cent, but the intermittent nature of renewable energy generation also poses challenges to the stability of the power grid.

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Source: TODAY

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