Two underwater sites to be studied for Singapore’s power needs [News]

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By Feng Zengkun, The Straits Times, 12 Aug 2013.

Some homes in Singapore could be powered by the sea in future – if scientists manage to prove that tidal turbines in nearby waters can help meet the country’s growing electricity needs.

From next month, researchers from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) will survey two sites, one near St John’s Island and another near Pulau Sebarok.

The two locations are believed to have strong current speeds of about 1.2m to 3m per second – enough to generate power from turbines placed on seabeds.

Based on estimates by other researchers, the two spots could house enough tidal turbines to power about 6,700 flats here, said project leader Michael Abundo from the Energy Research Institute at NTU.

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Source: The Straits Times

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